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APRIL & MAY | Photography Workshops

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These photography workshops will all be taking place in the Provo Start Up Building. Please send me an Email with your Name, the Workshop you are trying to book, Email, Phone, & Address. I will get you Payment options within 24 hours, followed by a confrimation email once payment is fufilled. Thank you!!

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Utah & NYC Weddings | Spring Bridals

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Spring is here! I'm completely in love with how these images came out from this bridal session. I've got room for a couple more Utah based weddings, bridals, engagement sessions before I take off for New York this summer. From June 1st to September 1st I will only be taking New York CIty bookings.

Eat your heart out on the beauties and let me know if you or someone you know is looking for a photographer. I do a free consultation to go over pricing, collections, and vision. 

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The "Us" Project | Jace & Izzy

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This couple was recommended to me for this project by a friend— oddly enough, Izzy and I met years back while we were seniors in high school. It was so fun to reconnect and learn a little bit more about how these two do what they do. I love their energy— it's relaxed, genuine, and definitely groovy. They've got a great rhythm down— admiring each other's strengths and attentive to one another's needs. Take a read and what you need.

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“I would see him everywhere. I'm studying at the library, Jace is on the same floor, I’d walk out of the bathroom, Jace is walking by..." —Izzy

“And I would see Izzy all the time, but was too scared to talk to her. I felt really awkward trying to find a way to say hi. One day she was sitting with my friend Ruby though, and that was that. I had an in.” —Jace

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What Initially attracted you to the other person?

“Style, I like her glasses, her clothes. Izzy always kinda intimidated me with her edgy looks. ” —Jace

“Jace would always wear capris, I loved that. He’s got amazing ankles— very confident in the way he walks and how he talks to people.” —Izzy

“Izzy was very different from other girls, right away I could tell she was genuine and just really easy to talk to.” —Jace

Who said it first? 

“There was this moment that I really wanted to tell Izzy that I loved her.” —Jace

“And you told me that you THINK you love me!”—Izzy

“Haha, ya I THOUGHT I loved you. I realized it that day, and I had to tell you.” —Jace

“I agree that it’s very comforting to have that confirmation though, I loved, Jace so having him tell me that he felt the same way felt very reassuring. Our timing hit really well.” —Izzy

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What's your favorite quality?

“When I see her for the first time in the day, she’s always smiling at me. She’ll be really excited and have a lot of positive energy." —Jace

“He’s a big thinker, very pensive. He’s always listening to podcasts. When we first met he’d bring up talk shows he’d seen. It makes me feel enlightened, and reminds me to be open and aware of what is happening in our world.” —Izzy

How they’re involved:

“We love art. We are always seeking out new art galleries that go up, trying to find ways to support local artists and watching for our favorites when they put on a new exhibit. I’ve grown up with my mom being very involved in the art community, so it’s something I’ve always been passionate about and we've put a lot of effort into getting out and supporting.” —Izzy

“We both are involved in volunteer work with the youth. I'm apart of 4H and am assigned a specific ‘little buddy’ to hang out and get to know. A lot of these kids are at risk or come from a difficult home situation. It's great for them to get out and have some examples, sort of an older sibling figure. I honestly just like hanging out with the boy I'm assigned too. It's fun, we get ice cream or find something fun to do once a week. Occasionally college and school comes up, we'll chat about that, but even when we're just hangin' it's great."—Jace 

"Last year I joined a program called Alpha. We help at-risk student in high school who might drop out. We'll go in during their make up hour and tutor or mentor in any way we can. The program is still really new to get up and running. A lot of the time people think these kids don't want to go to college or don't care, but a vast majority of the kids I've worked with are just having a hard time. They need a little extra attention, but everyone has a potential." —Izzy

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What the conflict is and how you resolve it?

"Jace is really good at talking about conflict right on. It's harder for me, but he pushes for it. We're pretty quick to resolve an argument most of the time. The first week of marriage we went to the grocery store and had a huge argument over what we were going to buy." —Izzy

"Honey Bunches of Oats, my gosh. We had so little money, I just was used to shopping even more frugally as a bachelor. I've always been so cheap." —Jace

"His standard for food has changed a lot since being married. I grew up with fresh food and a variety. When we first met he was happy with just ramen. He's adapted some of my ways though." —Izzy 

"I think it's good to cool down about conflict, but if you haven't talked it causes a lot more miscommunication." —Jace

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How do you both embrace individuality?

"We try and support each other's hobbies and connect them with people around us. Izzy sews and anytime someone mentions they sew, I bring up Izzy."—Jace

"Jace used to be in a band, I totally loved it. He's super bashful about it, but I bring it up all the time when we are around musicians. He's just super passionate about music and I love seeing him get excited about it. It's fun, I'm not always on the same level but I enjoy seeing him light up and talk about it with people." —Izzy 

The hardest part about getting married?

"Constantly factoring in the other's needs. It's hard— being single you're used to taking care of yourself, but when you're married, every choice will affect them. Now it's hard, but it's totally not impossible. I think it's more of a shift, an adjustment." —Izzy

"Not getting frustrated. Things ware on you more being around someone constantly. It's hard to not get comfortable and expect things. That's definitely the hardest part for me." —Jace

"It's also something that's easily overlooked in other forms of relationships. You're not always trying to show the best version of yourself once you're married— you just can't. With it comes even more benefits, of constant companionship, you have someone to experience it all through, to share your life with— even if you don't have your best foot forward at times. " — Izzy

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 We took these colored images on film; It definitely gives a complementary flavor to the people. 

We took these colored images on film; It definitely gives a complementary flavor to the people.