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Paris | In Film

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It started off as an experiment but I'm completely hooked; on personal trips I only take a film camera— Canon AE1 this time. I'm pretty sure that's the same camera my parents used until I was about six, and even they are pretty behind the times. So enjoy these images, I think its the only way to travel now since it captures so much more of a feeling. Sure— not everything is in focus, the coloring is a little faded from the dye, and in some of these the shutter was sensitive to motion blur, BUT that's what gives it character. I hope you enjoy these as much as I do, AND I challenge you to step a little out of your comfort zone; take a good look at these and then give film a shot. Whether that's with an an instant Polaroid, a Kodak, or if you're wanting more of a dare pick up an AE1 or Rollex. I'm telling you, film is not dead. 

Anyway here are some sights, objects, and even friends in Paris. 

Parisian Apartment
Eiffel Tower
Eiffel Tower
Opera House
My Friends

All images were developed and scanned by the Find Lab in Orem, UT.